'Be Proud of Your Community' - Gwent Awards

GAVO's new 'Be Proud of Your Community' - Gwent Awards are being held to recognise extraordinary people & outstanding organisations that make a positive contribution to the local community and make communities proud to live in Gwent.

It's the perfect way to say Thank You to those individuals and groups for their hard work in helping others, and with six categories, covering a wide range of different elements to community life and wellbeing, there is bound to be a category your community can enter.

The categories are:

  • Go Wildlife!

  • Remembering Them

  • Taking Care of your Community

  • Saving the Planet

  • Primary Schools (as previous years in the Gwent Best Kept Village Competition)

  • My Favourite Place (for 11-25 year olds)

The deadline has now passed, thank you to everyone who entered. 

Winners will be announced here soon! 


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