Community Planning

Community Planning is a process which helps public agencies to work together with the community to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people's lives.

In Caerphilly county borough, GAVO works in partnership with the Corporate Policy Unit of Caerphilly County Borough Council to support the involvement of the third sector in the regeneration of the area and the design, development and delivery of services to residents. Alison Palmer works as Community Planning Coordinator, in a jointly funded GAVO/CCBC post to support the Public Services Board and the delivery of the “Caerphilly We Want” Well-being Plan, the Voluntary Sector Liaison Committee and the Third Sector Partnership Agreement (Compact).

Voluntary Sector Liaison Committee

Caerphilly has a thriving Voluntary Sector Liaison Sub Committee meeting quarterly with members elected from the third sector in the borough and elected members from the local authority, along with other partners to the Caerphilly Compact, to discuss issues of relevance to the sector.

There are also quarterly meetings of the Voluntary Sector Representatives supported by GAVO where issues are brought forward for discussion at the full committee and third sector presentations to members are planned.

Caerphilly Third Sector Partnership Agreement 2018-2023

Organisations in Caerphilly have recently signed a new Third Sector Partnership Agreement (Compact). The Agreement in its original form as a Compact between statutory organisations and the community and Third Sector lead by GAVO, has been in place in Caerphilly County Borough since 1999. The first Compact was an agreement between Caerphilly County Borough Council and the Third Sector and was followed by a separate agreement with the Local Health Board. These were subsequently amalgamated and since then, the Compact has seen the addition of new partners.


With the changing legislative landscape, Welsh Government has undertaken a review of Third Sector compacts and whilst final guidance has yet to be published has recommended that partnership agreements are a valuable tool to support collaborative working.


The Caerphilly Voluntary Sector Representatives and Voluntary Sector Liaison Committee have undertaken a review of the Caerphilly Compact and, embracing the Well-being of Future Generations and Social Services and Well-being Legislation, have produced a new Partnership Agreement for 2018-2023. The Agreement is linked to the priorities of “The Caerphilly We Want Well-being Plan 2018-2023” and has been endorsed by the Caerphilly Public Services Board which has become a signatory on behalf of the partners including:


  • Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (on behalf of the Third Sector)

  • Caerphilly County Borough Council

  • Gwent Police

  • Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent

  • Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

  • South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

  • Caerphilly Business Forum

  • Caerphilly County Borough Town & Community Councils

  • Natural Resources Wales

  • Community Rehabilitation Company

  • National Probation Service


The agreement has adopted the five ways of working and will use the PSB reporting processes. The agreement has also been amended to reflect the Well-being Plan five year cycle and will be in place until 2023.


You can find out more about the priorities on the Well-being of Future Generations Page.


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