Compassionate Communities Training Officers

Compassionate communities are communities that squarely recognise the major but under-recognised, the least spoken about, and the most overlooked human experiences in all communities – serious illness, ageing, dying, caregiving and loss – and the need to recognise that even these populations have a right to health and wellbeing and strategies to address the additional morbidities (illnesses) and mortalities (deaths) that are consequences of their other experiences of ageing, serious illness, caregiving, or loss.

Our Compassionate Communities Training Officers support the delivery of the Compassionate Communities and Integrated Well-being Networks workforce development action plans across identified areas.

They will work with partners across Gwent to contribute to the planning, delivery, evaluation and sustainability of a range of training programmes that aim to maximise the ability of the wellbeing workforce to improve the wellbeing of the communities they work in. This includes (but is not exhaustive of) upskilling this workforce in connecting people to resources in their local community by finding out what matters to them, building on their strengths and finding their own solutions to improve their well-being.

How Integrated Well-being Networks Work
Kerry Sands
Compassionate Communities Training Officer, Blaenau Gwent North
Ceri Fowler
Compassionate Communities Training Officer, Caerphilly


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