COVID-19: Parents

Here are some resources that parents may find useful.

Check out our @GAVOEarlyLanguage Facebook page for activities, videos and tips that can support your little one's language development.

Kidslingo run multi-award winning classes for children aged 0-11 years that engage and inspire children to love languages by immersing them in the language through play.

Kidslingo French Newport is now running ALL classes online in their virtual online classroom. There is lots of French learning through music, songs, props, drama, Makaton signing, games and stories to keep the children active and engaged throughout. Children can fully participate and interact with their tutor and each other. How amazing is that !!


They are also running free storytime sessions for children :)

Go to their website to book or visit their Facebook page @kidslingofrenchnewport.

Colour-Cut-Glue - Craft Sheets for Kids

Looking for something to keep the kids occupied away from the TV, the mobile phone and the handheld devices?  2D GAMEART GURU has created some fantastic craft sheets including a spaceship, princess, dragon and more!

Colour Cut Glue.JPG