• Claire, Marketing Officer

Do you have COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities waiting for volunteers?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

During the current pandemic we want to promote any of the specific volunteering opportunities you have developed in response to COVID-19.

Through the Volunteering Wales website, we have had 1,200 additional new volunteers who have signed up with us in the last week from across Gwent, and they are eager to find out about what they can do to help you deliver vital services to support communities.

If you have any NEW volunteering opportunities you want to put onto the site, our staff can do this for you. We can set you up as a provider on the website, and help you to draft your opportunities and promote them.

All we need is:

  • A short description of the opportunity

  • If a volunteer has to have specific skills to undertake the volunteering

  • Where it takes place – actual geographical location and/or throughout Gwent

  • What the application process is, i.e. is there a form, do they need references

  • If the role requires a volunteer to have a DBS check or if you would accept evidence of a current DBS certificate

Just email the volunteering team at volunteering@gavo.org.uk and somebody will get back to you.

We will draft the opportunity and ask you to sign it off, then we will upload it for you.

If you need to update your login details, or you want to chat anything through anything relating to volunteering management, please email the Team, and we will get back to you.