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GAVO Cash 4 U Grant - supporting the fantastic Welsh Language Video Game Club

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Each year our Youth Cash 4 U Grant Panel have given out small grants* to a wide variety of Youth-Led Projects, with the aim of increasing youth volunteering in Gwent. One recent project was the ‘Welsh Language Video Game Club’, ran by young Volunteers at Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili – below is a write-up by James O’Callaghan.

"I am a 21-year-old volunteer for Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili. Through helping run the Young People Welsh Language Video Game Club and edit the video's that go on the Welsh Language YouTube Channel 'Yn Chwarae' that translate to 'playing'. My initial focus in applying for the Cash 4 U grant was that I wanted to pass on the skills I've learnt in digital video production when I taught in a U.S Summer Camp.

I wanted to pass these skills on by training other young people as volunteers in digital video production in the local community, so they in turn can do the same to others and create exciting video content through the medium of Welsh.

We were successful in our application and gratefully received £799.42 from the Cash 4 U Grant Youth Panel. This project started September 18th 2018, between 5-6.00pm together with monthly training sessions after that date.

With the funding we purchased the following items - Editing Software from Adobe to be able to teach and train volunteers to run/edit videos for the other video game clubs that have their own Welsh Language YouTube Channels: 'Gemau Fideo' and 'Gemau Retro'.

NAS Drive and portable external Hard Drive - The NAS Drive is useful to be able to connect the video game clubs and tutor the volunteers through sharing the video's and giving them feedback and pointers on how they can improve in between the monthly tutorial/training sessions that I provide new Volunteers of the Clubs.

The Volunteers have been running the clubs and editing the video's which will contribute towards their baccalaureate studies in the 6th form at Cwm Rhymni Comprehensive School.

By training new Volunteers for the Video Game Clubs it has connected the clubs and the YouTube channels and created a Welsh Language Gaming and YouTube Community. The new volunteers which have trained are now supporting other video game clubs 'Gemau Fideo' (Video Games) and 'Gemau Retro' (Retro Games).

This opportunity has provided young people of all abilities from complete beginner Welsh to fluent an opportunity to practice their Welsh through a fun and unique platform. Comments via YouTube on the Channel and the video's gives great confidence that there is a need for the Clubs and to create more interesting Welsh Language digital content.

Here are a few examples:

The majority of members that attend the Youth Video Gaming Clubs have been diagnosed with having Autism/Asperger's Syndrome. The Club gives them the opportunity to socialise and express themselves using technology in a safe environment. They have created excellent friendships through being members of the Club and the project through the addition of the software and storage space will take the standard of the videos to the next level and allow them to gain useful skills. Through conversations with parents, they have expressed how valuable these experiences have been for their child and the social skills and confidence they have gained since joining the club.

“I feel more confident working with children and I feel as if my technology skills have improved…I believe the club has helped many of the children here bond with others with similar interests and I believe it has brought something for them to look forward to weekly.” Megan Heafield, Club Volunteer

*Funding for the GAVO Cash 4 U grant scheme is kindly provided by WCVA and Welsh Government and given to GAVO to administer the grant money for Projects in Gwent

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