• Claire, Marketing Officer

GAVO Cash 4 U Grant - supporting young people to connect with their Community through gardening

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

The EVE Project received £1,350 from the Cash 4 U Grant* to cover the costs of setting up an inter-generational gardening project. The EVE Project is an alternative education provision in Waunlwyd, Blaenau Gwent, which supports young people (aged 11 – 16) to access education and support to their social and emotional development.

The funding has helped Connor Jones and the other young people at the EVE Project (Grant Recipients) to set up an inter-generational gardening project by purchasing the plants, materials and tools to create twelve large planters which will be donated to three Care Homes in the area and to the Community Centre which the EVE Project is situated.

The funding has allowed the EVE Project to enrich the curriculum for the young people, so they get a chance to learn and develop new skills of Design Technology, which they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn before. A young volunteer who took part in the project explained that, "I am new to the project so I was nervous, but the gardening project has helped me build confidence talking to the other young people and helped me learn new skills like using a saw to cut wood."

The inter-generational project has not only supported the young volunteers learning and developing new skills, it has also helped the young people of the EVE Project to build relationships with the surrounding community. The inter-generational gardening project has allowed previous negative labels of the EVE Project to be dismissed and a happy and helpful reputation can be attached to the young people/volunteers who attend.

This project has been extremely rewarding and learners found a sense of fulfillment in being able to contribute. The project is not at its end just yet, but it is on its way to being completed and donated to the local Care Homes and Community Centre. The EVE Project plan to hold a ‘unveiling’ ceremony at each of the care homes with the young volunteers and residents present.

*Funding for the GAVO Cash 4 U grant scheme is kindly provided by WCVA and Welsh Government and given to GAVO who administer the grant money for Projects in Gwent