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Provide Services for Children & Young People in the Caerphilly County Borough area?

We are no longer accepting applications for 'The Provision of Activities for Children and Young People 2017 (Caerphilly County Borough)' grant.


Applications and supporting documents can be received via email but must contain a free-hand signature.

The grant aims to support, facilitate and deliver quality opportunities for children and young people across Caerphilly.

Groups who can apply:

  • Unincorporated voluntary or community groups with an adopted constitution or appropriate governing document.

  • A charity or a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

  • Those based in/and or operate within Caerphilly County Borough.

Things we will fund:

  • Capital expenditure e.g. equipment.

  • Revenue expenditure e.g. paying for sessional workers.

The maximum amount any group can apply for is £1,000 in total.

For more information, or if you require further assistance, please contact:

Bethan Moss - GAVO Holiday Scheme Co-ordinator

Phone: 02921 321511

Email: bethan.moss@gavowales.org.uk

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