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Sustainable Food Grant

Updated: Jun 13

In partnership with Newport City Council, GAVO have announced the a new capital grant scheme to support community groups and third sector organisations who are responding to food insecurity in Newport and who are working towards making the city more sustainable in terms of food and access to food.

GAVO will be awarding grants of up to £3000 per group or organisation.

Applications are invited from community food initiatives and other groups that may offer activities like growing projects, nutritional/cooking on a budget cook-alongs and demo sessions and other similar activities. Applicants will have to demonstrate that they are experiencing challenges in meeting need due to inadequate equipment, facilities or other factors. The grant can cover capital items but not revenue costs or overheads. These may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Storage facilities

  • cooking equipment

  • Signage

  • Furniture etc (to make the facility more inviting to users)

  • Volunteer travel costs (where proportionate and appropriate)

The application deadline is 4th August 2022. Applications will be considered as they are received and once the fund is exhausted, we will not be able to consider any further applications. Therefore, we would encourage applications to be submitted sooner rather than later.

The full guidance and criteria are available by clicking on the documents at the foot of this page.

Please read the criteria and Terms and Conditions to ensure your project is eligible prior to submitting an application. If you have any doubts whether your project is eligible, please contact sustainablefoodgrant@gavo.org.uk.

Sustainable Food Grant Form & Criteria web
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