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Transport to Health Project: Residents Survey

We want to hear about your experiences!

Transport to Health is a project funded by the Health Board. It is looking at transport provision for residents across the Aneurin Bevan Health Board area to access their health appointments or to visit loved ones in hospital.

Answering our online survey will help the project team understand where residents need to get to for their health appointments and any difficulties faced in getting there. It will help our work to improve transport to health settings for everyone so less appointments are missed or cancelled.

Please answer the short anonymous survey for your area by clicking the appropriate link below:-

Blaenau Gwent: https://forms.gle/zjRa14b2gVCjF1626

Caerphilly: https://forms.gle/WxYrZjqvZeACRN2M6

Monmouthshire: https://forms.gle/94fpm39V6QXJVuhK8

Newport: https://forms.gle/UnJj31d8TAVS74H36

Torfaen: https://forms.gle/N81FqTqhuTsBUWhs9

Thank you for your time!

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