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Warm Spaces Grants Available for Newport

Grants of up to £2,000 available to eligible community Organisations

Working in partnership with Newport City Council, GAVO is operating a small grants scheme to support organisations to deliver warm spaces at their venues.

Newport CC and GAVO are seeking to support Warm Hubs through this Winter period and up to 31st March 2023 with grants of up to £2,000.

The fund is now open and GAVO and Newport City Council are actively inviting applications from any constituted community group or organisation in Newport that has a community building that could be used, or is already being used, as a Warm Hub.

Warm Hubs (also known as Warm Banks, Warm Spaces or something similar) are safe and warm places within the local community where people can go to keep warm during the Winter. With domestic fuel prices increasing dramatically, it is expected that many people will struggle to keep their homes at a healthy temperature, particularly those people at home all day, the elderly and the vulnerable. However, it should be noted that the demand for Warm Hubs may not be from just older and vulnerable groups and may include others who are at home all day such as home workers.

PDF Version

Warm Hubs grant application form (with extended deadline information)
Download PDF • 724KB

Word Version

Warm Hubs grant application form (with extended deadline information)
Download DOCX • 229KB

Please see the full guidance and eligibility in the downloadable application form (above).

Extended deadline information

Although this is currently now a rolling grant until March 31st, please apply ASAP as you can’t make any retrospective claims, so if you want gas and electric heating etc... to be covered for February and March, for example, you need to make your application no later than January 27th or the 31st at the very latest. We can still support applications past these dates; however, you will not be able to claim for those full two months of core costs if you apply in February or March.

Please email completed applications to, ensuring you read the guidance and criteria in advance.

Additional information

We are still actively inviting applications from any community group or organisation with a community building that could be used or is already being used as a Warm Space/ Warm Hub. Or if you rent a space, you can claim for this rental hire. Although the first deadline for this grant passed on the 12th of January, we are opening up again for more submissions due to a relatively low uptake on our first round. Please consider applying if you have community space that you run, be that a community centre, church, mosque or other space.

If you hire or run a community space, you are likely already providing many of the benefits of a Warm Hub. The grant will help to make the space more accessible to those in need and also help with core costs associated with heating, lighting and food.

Please email: with your application after first reading the grant criteria via this link

If you already have a Warm Hub, please register it here so others in need can find it:

Please read the grant application questions carefully and answer based on the information requested.

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