Public Services Boards (PSBs)

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act replaces Local Service Boards, which were non-statutory partnerships with a statutory requirement for each local authority area to set up a Public Services Board (PSB). 

The Statutory Members of each Public Services Board (as listed in the Act) are:​

  • The Local Authority

  • The Local Health Board

  • The Fire and Rescue Authority 

  • Natural Resources Wales

Each PSB will:

  • Assess the state of economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being in its area (the Well-being Assessment)

  • Set objectives that are designed to maximise the PSBs contribution to the well-being goals.

  • Will carry out an annual review of their plan showing their progress. When producing their assessments of local well-being and Local Well-being plan, PSBs must consult widely. 

Each PSB must:

Prepare and publish a plan setting out its objectives and the steps it will take to meet them. This is called a Local Well-being Plan. It must say:
  • Why the PSB feels their objectives will contribute within their local area to achieving the well-being goals.
  • How it has had regard to assessment of Local Well-being in setting its objectives and steps to take.

GAVO and the PSB's

GAVO has been invited to sit on the PSBs in Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly Monmouthshire and Newport to represent the third sector. GAVO is supporting the consultation processes that are beginning to shape the wellbeing assessments in each of these counties. 


GAVO will circulate information to members and through the wider third sector networks on consultation and engagement opportunities as they arise to ensure that the sector has ample opportunity to have its views heard.