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Community Development

We provide support & advice to the Third Sector in Gwent, including Community and Voluntary Groups as well as individuals who are interested in helping and supporting their community. 


We can help you with:

  • Forming a Community Group or Charity​
  • Ensuring your organisation is running effectively
  • Organising events and community projects
  • Consulting and involving everyone
  • Accessing funding for equipment and resources
  • Assistance with all levels of project development
  • Improving community facilities
  • Basic financial management
  • Accessing local services
  • Drawing up a constitution
  • Making your views heard
  • Awareness of your rights and responsibilities
  • Networking with other local groups and organisations
  • Signposting you to other useful organisations
  • Run a recognition scheme which can be used to evidence your hours. 
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Free Resources

TSSW have a number of really helpful resources available for free on their website. If you know of any or are involved with any voluntary groups, charities or community groups then these resources could help you!

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​There are hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities available from local, national and international sources. From small grants to large capital projects we can help you find the funding you need.

The Community Development Team

Huw Lewis.jpg
Huw Lewis

Regional Strategic Lead

Blaenau Gwent


Gina Jones.jpg
Gina Jones

Regional Strategic Lead



Mandy Moore.jpg
Mandy Moore

Regional Strategic Lead



Joanne Gillard.jpg
Joanne Gillard

Third Sector Development Manager



Kevin Dawson.jpg
Kevin Dawson

Community Development Officer 



David Berry.jpg
David Berry

Community Development Officer



Carol Smith.jpg
Carol Smith

Community Development Officer

Blaenau Gwent