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Unite for Change: Transforming Newport's Food System

Calling on Newport's Food Champions!

We are offering an exciting opportunity and calling on all those currently involved in the existing food system in and around the city to come together and be a part of this event for change. On 20th March 2024 GAVO and Cwmpas and Newport Council are working together to deliver the Start Something Good® hackathon “Creating a More Effective food System in Newport” and we would be very happy if you would come and share your thoughts on how we can move forward with food sustainability work through a developing local Food Partnership.


Never heard of a hackathon?

It is a dynamic, day-long event where diverse contributors  collaborate to generate innovative ideas for social change. Here’s a short video from a similar event in May last year: Start Something Good® / Hack of Kindness® by CWMPAS (


We are looking for contributions from as many individuals or organisations that have an involvement in food: local farming, small-scale growers, local food businesses, caterers, food banks, community pantries, community meal providers, nutritionist, dietitians, chef’s, community gardens – your voice is crucial. We would love to have representation from every part of our food landscape involved because different perspectives fuel fresh ideas; so please invite colleagues, friends and connections who can contribute - but book soon because spaces at this event are limited.


A Food Partnership for Newport

We would love you to become a part of the wider movement across the country to create more sustainable food communities at this FREE, day-long event and influence how a new food partnership for Newport will work. The day will provide the opportunity for us to come together, share ideas, and identify tangible ways to improve our local food system. From farm to table, we hope to explore different aspects of the food system, brainstorm innovative ideas, and catalyse positive change through a series of workshops and exercises. Your contributions will influence the work and focus of the developing food partnership which we are launching at this event.

Where, when and how to book

Date: 20th March 2024

Time: 10am – 3.30pm

Venue: The Glass Hall, Newport Market

We will also provide refreshments throughout the day and lunch



We’re taking this opportunity to launch a food partnership for Newport and the discussions from the day will feed into the work of the partnership and the strategy it develops.


Let’s build a brighter food future for Newport, one plate at a time. We look forward to you participating in this important event.



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