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Wellbeing Links Report 2022-23

A Monmouthshire partnership with GAVO, ABUHB, Primary Care and MCC.

This report outlines the amazing work that has been done by the Wellbeing Links Advisors in Monmouthshire. Lisa Hopkin and Lyra Vaz support individuals in the north of the county and Angela James supports individuals in the south. With permission from the individuals, Lisa, Lyra and Angela take requests from GP Surgeries and contact these individuals to offer them support and/or opportunities in the community. These individuals may be worried about their finances, suffering from a bereavement, or perhaps they are feeling isolated and alone, and could benefit from joining a social group. Lisa, Lyra and Angela are kind and empathetic, and have a wealth of knowledge about community and voluntary organisations in Monmouthshire. Following an in-depth conversation with the individuals, they link them up with these organisations.

To read the full report, please click on this link: The Wellbeing Links Service | GAVO


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