We provide support, advice, guidance and recognition across Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire & Newport. 

If you are:


  • An individual looking to volunteer or already volunteering.

  • An Organisation or Community Group wanting to involve or support Volunteers.

  • A Project or Agency looking to refer people who may want to volunteer.​

  • A Public or Private Sector Business looking to fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Registering for our Volunteer Recognition Certification Schemes is a great way of showing how you have dedicated your time.
Looking to attend the Gwent-Wide Third Sector Volunteer Management Network?
Cash 4 U Funding
The aim of the Cash 4 U scheme is to support small volunteering projects that create new opportunities for young people.

Get Involved!

Becoming a Volunteer allows you to make a difference in your community!

Why not try out a career path, gain 'hands-on' experience, receive recognition/certificates that can be used as evidence for Job/College/University Applications and give you an up-to-date 'work' reference on your CV, that can ultimately make you stand out from the crowd!

Young Volunteers

We also support young people to volunteer through the University of South Wales & schools through the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

Whether you need to gain experience for your CV/College/University application, meet DofE/Welsh Bacc hours, or you’d like to try something new, volunteering could be just what you’re looking for.   


GAVO have dedicated Youth Volunteering Officers who are ready to support you in finding the perfect volunteering opportunity locally. We will work together to find an opportunity that interests you and meets your needs.   


Volunteering is a chance to get involved in a fun, free activity that benefits you, your family, your friends and your community. It can challenge you, your perceptions of other people, your knowledge and skills and can really help you develop in so many ways. It can even be a way to ‘try’ out a field you may want to work in later in life. You can make new friends and volunteering can be great to talk about to your other friends.  


Whatever you do, it will look great on your CV. Your experience will give you that extra something to talk about when you go for interviews. Your volunteering will equip you with valuable skills that any employer will want to see. We also run a recognition scheme which can be used to evidence your hours. 


To find out more please contact one of our Youth Volunteering Officers in the Volunteering Team volunteering@gavo.org.uk  

There's bound to be something that interests you!

Are you looking to recruit Volunteers or refer those who want to Volunteer?

Volunteers bring so many benefits to an organisation and creating a positive experience for your volunteers is vital. If you work with volunteers, then we are here to support you.


We can help you with the registration process and with the ongoing recruitment, retention & training of Volunteers & Volunteer Managers. For more information on this, head over to the Volunteering Wales website. 

We can help them to gain experience, build their confidence, improve their well-being, make a social connection, or just get back into a structured routine again in a supportive environment, after a period of inactivity due to illness or unemployment.

We currently work with a range of Partners, helping other organisations such as the European funded Work Programmes, Rathbone, Job Centre Plus to find supportive volunteering opportunities, as a step into work.

​What about fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility?


We can help match groups or individual employees and connect your corporate values with communities in need.

Employee volunteering will assist you to engage with your employees and by taking part in community activity, will have a positive impact on all those concerned.

"A team building day at a youth centre might be a great activity for your Customer Service teams to take them away from the phones for a day and allow them to make a difference in their community. For your Senior Management staff, you might choose to share their valuable business skills with a local charity & make a difference to the Organisation/service users".

If you are an organisation, community group or project looking for help, tell us about it here

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