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For COVID-19 funding opportunities please click here - you can also now search for 'Coronavirus' on the Funding Finder above.

Help Wales After Storm Dennis Fund


All across Wales, and South Wales in particular, communities have been hit by Storm Dennis and the flooding it has caused. Michael Sheen has set up a Go Fund Me campaign, in response to the flooding events hitting Wales.

Who can apply?

Ultimately the fund will benefit people living in areas of Wales worst affected by the floods. If you are a voluntary organisation, in an area of Wales hit by the floods and need funding to help you or the community members you support get back up and running, then you may be able to apply to this fund – use the checklist below to confirm:

  • You are a constituted group with a bank account with at least two unrelated signatories

  • You are a not for profit operation

  • You are not an individual

  • You are working in a community affected by the 2020 floods

If you meet these criteria, then this is the right flood response fund for you.

For further information about the fund and how to apply, click here.

Local Grant Schemes – Caerphilly & Newport 

GAVO is pleased to have been able to secure a number of small grant schemes for grassroots voluntary groups in the Caerphilly area and one in the Newport area.  Details of each scheme appear below, please note that these have resulted from solar or wind farm schemes so are geographically focused.  Application forms and guidance are available for each scheme. 


Solarplicity Community Benefit Fund

The village of Croespenmaen.(specific geographical area applies, please contact Gina Jones to ascertain eligibility)


£80,000 available.

Gildermeister Energy Solutions Community Benefit Fund

Areas within the Argoed/Crumlin ward as specified on the map

£27,000 available,

Maximum grant £2,000.

Lightsource Community Benefit Fund

Within the vicinity of Mynydd Islwyn as specified on the map. 


£18,000 available,

Maximum grant £2,000.

The Caerleon Sunshine Community Grant

Lightsource SPV 209 Limited, which owns and operates a solar farm and associated equipment at Park Farm West solar farm at land to the west of Park Farm, Malthouse Lane, Caerleon, NP18 3PB, has committed to make an annual community payment of £1,000 per MW of installed capacity. Based on the planned capacity of 3.91 MW a total annual fund of £3,910 will be available.

Need help with any of the four grants above:

Contact Gina [Caerphilly] on 07483 128085 | or Jane [Newport] on 01633 241574 |


Food Poverty Small Grant (Caerphilly)




Please read through the Criteria document before starting an application. You’ll see examples of what you could request a grant for – this isn’t an exhaustive list but should be used as a guide.

Here are some key points:

  • Your organisation must have a bank account in its own name

  • You cannot claim for costs already incurred

  • Your application must be submitted by 31 July 2020

  • If your grant is approved, spending must be complete and funding drawn down by 30 September 2020

This is a valuable opportunity for you to think about what your local community needs, and how you could develop your service to help alleviate food poverty for the people you support.

If you would like to arrange to meet with Michelle (GAVO Food Poverty Link Officer) to talk about the grant and what it could mean for your organisation / group, or if you would like support with making your application, please get in touch via email or mobile 07483 128080.

Caerphilly Health and Wellbeing Small Grant Scheme

We are also run the Caerphilly Health and Wellbeing Small Grant Scheme, in conjunction with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.  Maximum grant £4,000 [Application window is currently closed]

If you have any questions, email​


For advice and support, get in touch with your local Third Sector Development Manager:

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Mandy Moore
Monmouthshire & Newport
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