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Meet Community Development Officer, Dan Coast

 I recently joined the Newport team in the role of Community Development Officer to support groups and activities across the city. 

Coming from almost 20 years of working with voluntary sports associations, I'm keen to bring some of this experience which involved both facility and funding advice across to support the communities here in Newport. 

Part of my role is to help groups' future proof by providing support on governance and support to attract and apply for funding through the many different funding sources available throughout the year. 

Since starting in the role, I have been busy reaching out to the many groups within the city to find out more about the services they provide and the support they may need in the future. 

Part of the process in supporting groups is to look at the projects you want to undertake and the predicted funding that may be required to make it possible. To help with this I would encourage all our groups to complete this short form which will enable me to keep an eye out for grants coming out that meet the brief. 

I will then be able to ensure that you will be the first to know about the grants that support the delivery of your planned project. 


I would also welcome the chance to come meet existing and newly forming groups to advise and support governance issues and any other forms of support required. We will soon be relaunching the forums where groups will be invited to come together either online or in person as part of a quarterly meeting to discuss the issues facing the sector at a local level, an opportunity to network and share best practice. 

Further details of this will appear in the upcoming issues of our monthly Newsletter which you can sign up to below. 


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