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Newport Newsletter Febuary 2023

Newslettter and Working with Partners Updates

Please see Febuarys Newsletter Attached.


Newport Network Newsletter Febuary 2023
Download PDF • 1.53MB


Other information from partners

Newport RLDP and the current consultation, please visit our consultation website or the Council website

Wellbeing Annual Report

Download PDF • 9.30MB

Single Use Plasic Ban - Welsh Government Poster

Single-Use Plastic Products Bill (English & Welsh Leaflet)
Download PDF • 166KB

Neurodivergent Improvement Programme 2022/23

Third Sector

Neurodivergent Improvement Programme_Third Sector EOI
Download DOCX • 91KB

Listen up, Speak up (Campaign)

Half a million children suffer abuse and neglect a year in the UK. But there’s something we can all do to change that. Even if children aren’t a big part of your everyday life, they’ll likely be an important part of your community – whether that’s on your street, your commute, or at the shops. So knowing how to keep them safe is essential. To find out more, visit:

Free training to help keep children safe

Sign up to our 10-minute digital training Visit our Listen up, Speak up page to find out more.

EPP and Gavo would like to invite you to a talk by Nikki Noble on All Things Menopause. It may be to benefit you or your loved one or to better able you to support those you work with. Date: Tuesday 21st March 2 pm for a 1-hour talk followed by your questions. Place: Zoom To book your place: Email Jules at,


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