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Funding Schemes closing soon

Updated: Jul 5

Closing date

Name of fund & link

Who can apply?

About the fund



The Public Voices in AI Fund invites proposals for projects which seek to ensure that uses of AI are informed by the voices of people underrepresented in or negatively impacted by AI. By ‘uses of AI,’ we mean AI research, development, deployment, and policy. We invite project proposals up to the value of £50,000


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The Society Foundation offers grants to programmes or organisations that are seeking to help people from one or more of the following groups move towards paid employment: the recently homeless or vulnerably housed; ex-offenders; 16-24 year olds not in employment, education or training.



The Community Matters Fund (Future Skills) is committed to supporting key groups that would most benefit from assistance, including: youth (16-25, not in full time education), people from ethnic minority backgrounds, those with health conditions or disabilities, armed forces veterans, ex-offenders and those returning to work after a long term absence. 


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This short-term grant has been developed to provide funding to enable innovation and collaboration between sectors and/or regional partnerships on the issue of child poverty. It should be illustrated how children, young people and families in poverty will benefit from this grant funded additional collaborative working arrangement in the longer term. Collaborative activities which include the private sector are welcomed but the funding is not available to fund any direct costs to a private sector partner. We aim to achieve a Wales-wide reach through the suite of successful applications. Individual applications do not need to offer national reach, they can be locality, community or subject matter specific.


Spaces & Places - ASDA Foundation

Charities and not-for-profit organisations that benefit local people

Investing in Spaces and Places is our higher value grant, funding up to £25,000 to enable communities across the UK to have a safe space for people to be together. This year, there will be over £1 million in funding available for groups across the UK.


Must have an income between £100k-£500k

Rosa’s Stand With Us fund is for women’s and girls’ organisations delivering frontline services addressing male violence against women and girls which have an income of between £100,000 and £500,000


Cash 4 U (GAVO)


This is a youth-led grant which aims to encourage young people into volunteering opportunities and improve community services.





This programme is aimed at registered charities and CICs which are led by and working for Deaf and Disabled people. Your organisation will work directly with Deaf and Disabled people over the long term to support them to have more choice and control over their lives, access their rights and entitlements and challenge the barriers they face. Your work will be based on a social model of disability and you will be able to show how this understanding shapes the work that you do, and enables people to have their voices heard. Successful applicants will receive a grant of £75,000, over three years (£25,000 per year). The grant will be unrestricted, so organisations awarded funding will be able to use the grant to support any costs that further your organisation’s social purpose.


VCSE = Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector 

Check App= Check application form 

Char= Charities 

CIO= Charitable Incorporated Organisation  

CiC = Community Interest Companies 


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